eSchool Date: Saturday, February 17, 2018

(No students or staff on site; this is a virtual learning experience.) 

Window for Assignment Completion: February 12 - 22, 2018 (all assignments will be made available by February 12th and are due on or before February 22nd).

 Please click here to access the assignments for students in Kindergarten through Grade 5.  

*Please note that this link is suppose to redirect you to Edgewood's website.

For students who need device and/or Internet access, assignments that are unable to be completed off campus may be completed at school during the designated eSchool window dates before or after school.


Shades Cahaba educates,

respects, protects,

and loves children.


The Shades Cahaba Way

Speak for yourself...and others when needed.

Listen to others...and they will listen to you.

Show respect...every person is important.

Take charge of are responsible for you.

Think first...are you being safe?

Give your best effort...your work represents you.

Have is a gift.



Link to Shades Cahaba NEST Survey for Parents